Sep 16, 2020

Will School Camp Prepare Children For Life After School?

School camp is more than just a place for fun, it Is a place for learning and behavioural improvement. Though school camp is generally a way […]
Sep 14, 2020

How Does School Camp Enhance Confidence?

School camp is all about giving your child the opportunity to experience new things on their own. If you’re worried about sending your child on camp […]
Mar 20, 2020

How Do School Camps Encourage Learning?

School camps are a brilliant part of a student’s school experiences. It helps them in many aspects of their life as it enhances social skills, promotes […]
Feb 10, 2020

Does School Camp Impact Academic Performance?

It is a known fact that school camp improves social skills because children are placed in a situation where they are required to build relationships in […]
Nov 19, 2019

How to prepare for school camp

School camp is a great escape from the school environment and will allow your child to create new friendships, build on leadership skills, relax and so […]
Oct 24, 2019

Why school camps are fun and entertaining

School camps create an opportunity for children to build leadership skills and learn to be independent. School camps are also meant for fun and entertainment. They […]
Aug 26, 2019

5 Benefits of a school camp

Do you remember all the fun you had on school camps? Looking back now, you can see just how much you learnt on those weekends away […]
Aug 26, 2019

Camps are for friendship building

School camps are great for creating lifelong connections. On camp, children learn social skills for friendship building. They create friendships that transcend far beyond the borders […]
May 15, 2019

Teach Your Students Teambuilding Skills That Will Last a Lifetime

Help Your Students Grow by Teaching Them Valuable Teambuilding Skills School camps are the perfect setting to teach students valuable teambuilding skills that will stay with […]
Apr 17, 2019

Use Team Activities to Make Your School Camp Fun and Educative

Help Your Students Get More from Their School Camp with Fun Team Activities Having all your students together on a school camp is the perfect opportunity […]
Mar 14, 2019

Benefit from Fun Team Building Training for Your Students

Make Learning Fun with Exciting Team Building Training Who says learning and development needs to be boring? You can make it fun and engaging too with […]
Feb 6, 2019

Take Your Team to the Next Level with Expert Teamwork Activities

Use Teamwork Activities to Teach Your Team Valuable New Skills South Africa is a fondue pot of cultures. It is naïve of any business owner to […]
Jan 12, 2019

Use Exciting Summer Camp Themes to Pull Off a Great Camp Experience

Make Learning Fun with Great Summer Camp Themes Who says learning and development need to be boring? When working with a professional school camps teambuilding company, […]
Dec 12, 2018

Make Your School Camps Memorable for All the Right Reasons with Fun Team Building Activities

Look Forward to a Great Camping Experience with Fun Team Building Activities Making learning fun for your students can be fun when you’re working with a […]
Nov 13, 2018

Break Down the Barriers with Fun and Engaging Camps for Kids

Make Learning Experiences Fun with Engaging and Educational Camps for Kids Who says camps for kids need to be boring if it’s hosted with an educational […]
Aug 1, 2014

Die Kruin Voortrekker Kommando 31 Mei 2014 Groepspele

Project Summit het die afgelope naweek met Die Kruin Voortrekker Kommando se GGA Groepspele graad 4 aangebied. Hierdie spesialisasie behels die leerling om nie net deel […]
Aug 1, 2014

Parktown Girls High 25 – 27 March 2014

From 25-27 March 2014 the Project Summit Team had the privilege of camping with the ladies from Parktown Girls High. The Grade 8 group travelled to […]
Aug 1, 2014

El-Amien, Minna, Nigeria: LIA and Gauteng Tour, 6 -14 April 2014

Project Summit had the opportunity to present our Leadership In Action programme to El-Amien International School from Minna Nigeria. This school brought in by Travel Plus […]
Aug 1, 2014

Edenvale High 27-28 February 2014

The student from Edevale High met the Project Summit Team on 27 February for a two day camp. The Grade 8 group arrived at Castle Getaway […]
Aug 1, 2014

Avi-Cenna International School 14-17 February 2014

The Avi-Cenna International School brought their students to South Africa where they met the Project Summit Team for a camp at Sediba Kwele, situated in the […]
Aug 1, 2014

Grange International School Nigeria 10-19 February 2014

Grange International School, based in Lagos, Nigeria, came to South Africa from 10-19 February where the Project Summit Team took them to Sediba Kwele, in the […]
Aug 1, 2014

Trinity House Randpark Ridge 21-24 January 2014

From 21-24 January the Project Summit Team had the privilege to camp with the students from Trinity House Rand Park Ridge. The Grade 8 group travelled […]
Feb 23, 2016

A Great Start To 2016

We kick started the new year with a bang by having a training camp for over 15 freelance facilitators. On the first day, we welcomed and […]