Fun School Camps Are Teaching Students Valuable Life Skills

Here Is How School Camps and Team Building Events Are Teaching Students Valuable Life Skills

Who says school camps can’t be both fun and educational? We are a specialist school camps company that focuses on facilitating experiential-based activities to students. Our programmes have become well-known and celebrated for its focus on providing students with lessons on the importance of team building.

Over the years, our exciting school camps programmes have provided countless people with the opportunity to enjoy themselves while learning a variety of valuable life skills that will follow them for a lifetime. Through our process of experiential learning, students enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime that comes with shattering self-imposed and perceived limitations, many times without even realising it.

What School Camps Programmes Do We Offer?

Throughout the years, we’ve listened to feedback from our team members, and have incorporated that feedback in the design and execution of our school camps programmes. This has led us to develop an offering that resonates with our students of all ages.

Today, we are known for our programmes that tap into popular culture, and that are relatable to its audience. There are many opportunities for exploration and learning through fun and immersive programmes.

Some of the many popular programmes we have on offer, include:
  • The Adventure Camp;
  • The Xplorers Programme;
  • The Extreme Team Challenge; and
  • The Survivor Team Challenge, to name a few.

Let Your Child Learn in Safe and Affirming School Camps Programmes

The life skills your child will learn from attending one of our school camps will follow him or her for a lifetime. It’s valuable skills they can use in their future academic pursuits, and in every other relationship they will have in future, be it personal or professional. Your child will learn about the importance of good teamwork, communication and participation.

These valuable skills can’t be bought. Let us help your child learn to be a good team player from a young age. Contact us to learn more about us and our many great programmes, and to find out more about how our school camps can benefit your child’s future development.

Meet The Team

Izak Coetzer

Operations Director

Izak’s love for new and improved programmes could be seen as programmes and events change and adjusts each year.
The best programmes and activities are self-learned activities with masses of fun intertwined.

Gizela Kapp

Senior Facilitator & Social Media Guru

Gizela is the cool and calm person in our team, always rocksteady and the one you could depend on to
make things happen, her moto is nothing will keep me from posting….not even weak signal!

Elizna VanDenBerg

Operations Manager

As senior facilitator Elizna ensures that each event runs smoothly and according to plan.
Her insight into team building events keeps our clients relaxed and having fun!

Jacob Matshele

Senior Facilitator & Operations

Jacob’s enthusiasm about the work and the groups he works with is tangible. His philosophy is to give 100% every time all the time.

Amorie Tredoux

Office & Sales Manager

Amorie is the heart of the operations and office administration. Her perfectionistic aptitude ensures that all events are organised well in advance and delivered at 100% client satisfaction.

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